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Kilvroch Klytie with Paxwold
Profile for kilvroch

"Klytie" (pronounced Klit-ee-ah)
owned by Eileen Eby and Mollie Taylor

DOB 2014-07-14

She is a natural herding dog and enjoys caring for her hens. If one comes out of the pen,she carefully herds it back.



Klytie has had her hips scored under the KC/BVA scheme:
RH 15/ LH 12 = 27 total

Klytie has been DNA tested for the

DM (EXON 2) She is a Carrier, which means a probability of 50% of her offspring also being carriers.

She has been tested for the colour genes at 'B', 'E' locus.

She is homozygous B/B which means all her offspring will have black noses and eye rims and she cannot produce liver or chocolate coloured offspring.

She is homozygous E/E which means she cannot produce recessive red offspring (sometimes called "pink")

She is also hereditarily clear of gPRA-rcd3.