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a great place to list your available dogs, ask questions, etc. The forum on this web site connected me with the foster mother for my orphan litter.


Joseter Kennels

Peter Clifton's famous Joseter Cardigans




Big-Wood's Cardigans

Johanna Flinck's wonderful Finnish Cardigans



Rubegud Poodles and Cardigans

Anne Rayner's talented canines in the UK



croft online

Croft Products (UK) Ltd

A good source for puppy pens, dog crates, etc.


Our Dogs Newspaper - Your complete guide to pedigree dogshows, news, results, breeders, clubs and books.


Pet-Detect Logo


NaturesMenu Natural Dog food

"Feeding as Nature Intended"... a stockist for believers in raw diets


Cardigan Welsh Corgi Association   

on-line home of the UK breed club


Cardigan Welsh Corgi Club of America   

on-line home of the American breed club


The Clicker Training keeper page   

Clicker training is a fabulous operant conditioning method for training dogs and other animals (even your human friends!)



Berkshire Recorder Consort Meet the consort and learn when and where their next concert will be held