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Nicholas Nickeby CD CGC
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1991? - 21 Feb 2000

This was Nick, a rescued Pembroke Welsh Corgi.


He was sweet, cute, adorable and the worlds' greatest snuggle bunny. One of Nick's goals in life was to kiss every human in the universe.


Nick was a rescue corgi who came to live with me in 1992. He had apparently been dumped on a busy highway in Atlanta, Georgia.


A quick learner, it was thanks to Nick that I became involved in competitive obedience training. As well as obedience, Nick tried his paws at herding, tracking and agility. "Anything for some attention", said Nick.


In July 1999 he was diagnosed with mast cell cancer and had a large tumour removed from his corgi behind. Then two weeks later it was discovered he also had lymphoma. Two different cancers in one corgi body! The kid was on a regimen of prednisone to fight the cancers.


He pleased himself, his vets and myself by living six more happy months when his prognosis had been 9-12 weeks.  Of course Nick is milked his illness for all the extra attention he could get. I loved the little twit.