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2 Feb 1982 - 19 October 1999

Yorick was my beloved elder gentleman. He came to live with me when he was six months old, way back in 1982. When I adopted him, they told me he was half beagle, half boxer and half Springer spaniel. I called him my pointing setting spaniel, "Dog Boy" or (in the latter days) "Geezer Man".


Yorick travelled all over with me: we first lived in Ipswich, Massachusetts and travelled to places like Montreal, Tanglewood in the Berkshires and to our family's summer home in the "northeast kingdom" of Vermont. Later we travelled up and down the east coast of America visiting family on summer holidays.


He was my map-reader on long journeys and my companion on many a walk. He put up with corgi's nipping his ears and carried the dog paraphernalia when we went backpacking.


When the corgis got involved in obedience training, Yorick showed he was just as good by earning his Canine Good Citizen certificate.


After moving to Georgia, Yorick developed some very nasty allergies to things like pine pollen, fleas, cats, house dust.. You name it, he was allergic to it. He spent several years having a weekly anti-allergen injection.


Moving to England suited his health remarkably well, even though old age crept up on him.

Two days before he died, Yorick was able to walk down our lane and back.

To the very end, he was "Love Personified" - a truly loving creature.